Festival of Hope is what we are calling it - because just like butter - a little bit of hope can spread a long way and make everything better!  When we heard that the Johnstown/Gloversville Council of Churches had canceled the annual Community Thanksgiving Meal - it broke our heart in two!  This much-needed community Thanksgiving meal serves over 1,200 families across Fulton County - that over 10% of the area population!


Brad and I (Tanyalynnette) knew that we had the skills and the power to make sure no person is alone or goes hungry for the holidays - and we love getting people involved so we are reaching out to ask for your financial assistance to make this possible --  would you consider a donation of only $15.00 to provide a holiday meal ? At a time when many people are focused on giving thanks for the bounty in their lives, others are facing the prospect of going without.

After all, isn’t this what Thanksgiving is all about? It’s about being around the ones you love. It is a chance to see friends and family near and far. You eat. You laugh. You love. You reflect on all the things for which you’re grateful. You have the ability to give these families memories that will last a lifetime.

When you purchase a meal sponsorship you WILL NOT be reserving a meal - you are simply sponsoring the cost of the meal. If you are interested in donating and would like to speak to us, please call 518-535-9132 or email Brad at BTeetz@micropolisrestoration.com